Cheap Windows Dedicated Hosting Reviews

If you are developing a large Web project that demands high hosting reliability, vast resources and extra security, you will considerably benefit from buying a dedicated hosting plan. To make a right choice, concentrate on research: read different hosting reviews and compare the packages.
Rank Provider Price Disk Space Bandwidth Domain Review Sign Up
1 InMotion
$199.95 160GB 2.5TB FREE Review Sign Up
2 1and1
$59.99 250GB Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up
?49 500GB Unlimited 2.69 Review Sign Up
$48 100GB Unlimited $9.45 Review Sign Up
5 Arvixe Hosting
$105 250GB 5TB $9.95 Review Sign Up

A dedicated server is a computer with a large amount of resources located in the data center of the host. A dedicated server provides resources only for one domain name or account. If you opt for a dedicated server, all the resources and total control over the server will belong only to you. In this case you will have choice whether to buy managed or unmanaged dedicate hosting.

If you opt for unmanaged Windows hosting you can administrate and experiment with the server software the way you like it. You can access anytime but for this you must have strong skills otherwise you can damage the server performance. Prices for unmanaged dedicated server are considerably lower as you know that good service costs fair price. Thus, if you have an opportunity to manage your server, buy cheap unmanaged dedicated server.

If you do not have the necessary skills to manage your dedicated server you can use the service of your host company who will manage it for you or you can hire a professional to do it for you. However, managed dedicated server package will cost you more, but it will not leave you worried about the software and hardware performance. You can concentrate on your Web project and your hosting company will guarantee its high uptime.

Windows dedicated server supports a vast range of related software products including MSSQL, cPanel and much more. Choose Windows dedicated server in case your Web site runs on .NET technologies such as ASP, Microsoft’s Sharepoint services or uses Access database. However, you can use Linux compatible databases on Windows servers.

Cheap Windows Web Server Hosting

Depending on the size of your project, on its goals and program software, you must decide how to present your Web site to the word in the most advantageous manner. Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting type that saves your budget and therefore it is acceptable for the start. If you are a beginner and have a restricted budget consider shared hosting packages.

Buying Windows shared server package, you agree to share the server and its resources with other Web sites, but you also will share a price. Shared hosting has its own advantages and drawbacks, but if you find a solid hosting company, the risks of bad neighborhood and long downtime will considerably decrease.

We are not saying that you cannot find a cheap or, say, affordable Windows hosting, but choosing among packages pay attention to monitoring service, data backup, space, hardware options, bandwidth and technical support. Make sure that the price is affordable, ask for a few references on a few websites hosted by the company and read a couple of reviews. Remember that a good service costs respective price. Don’t expose your Web site to a long downtime otherwise it will prove useless.

As a good alternative to shared hosting, you can opt for VPS hosting plans. VPS hosting is more affordable than dedicated and it’s more secure than shared hosting. VPS hosting packages offer you restricted resources on a server, access and control. Having free access you can manage your Web site anytime. You can use all your resources and you don’t get to suffer from low processing and loading speed of your web site. Web sites working on VPS feature better performance in comparison to web pages hosted on shared server. However, VPS costs more than shared and here only your goals and ambition can decide what hosting package is more preferable for both your web project and budget.

You need VPS hosting packages if you have a big Web project with a restricted budget. VPS costs considerably lower price than dedicated servers, but it’s well suitable for big projects. VPS hosting plans will offer you a dedicated IP address, thus, you will secure yourself from bad neighborhood and protect your web sites from getting into a black list of search engines.

ASP.NET Hosting Plans

ASP.NET is a Microsoft’s technology for creating interactive, dynamic Web sites. ASP.NET Web sites enable users to interact and exchange information by means of databases. ASP.NET is a Microsoft product that requires license purchase and runs only on Windows servers. Choose ASP.NET Hosting plans in case your Web project is built with ASP.NET. If you use ASP.NET you need additionally to purchase MS SQL database license. Web sites created with ASP.NET and Linux servers is a bad combination, thus, you have only one option – Windows hosting packages.

Dedicated Windows Hosting Features

Dedicated hosting costs more but it also offers more features. If you have a dedicated server, you have an absolute control over it. You do not share the server and its resources with other Web sites but you do not share the expenses either. That’s the reason why you should not go for dedicated Windows hosting packages if you are a beginner. So what are those dedicated windows hosting features that will make you go for it?

  • Total Control
  • Your web site is secure and you are the only responsible for its up- and downtime. There are no other Web sites on your server and you don’t get to worry that someone might use more resources and slow down processing and loading time of your Web pages. And nobody’s bad scripts promise to crash or slow down the server. You can access the system and perform any changes whenever you need.

  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Unlike VPS or shared servers, dedicated servers do not have monthly restrictions on bandwidth and so you won’t be charged extra for overusing the limits.

  • Disc space
  • You can enjoy a much more resources to keep a large amount of files required for your Web project.

Choosing hosting, pay attention to technical support service. Make sure an operator is available 24/7 via telephone and e-mail.

Windows Hosting with Dedicated IP

If you choose a dedicated server, you will automatically get your unique dedicated IP address. Unlike shared, dedicated IP saves you from much trouble. Since you do not need to share your IP address with any other Web sites, you are absolutely responsible for the uptime of your Web site. With shared IP address, you might be worrying that another Web site on your shared hosting sends spam and your shared IP can be blocked by search engines.

If you are an owner of large traffic-heavy Web sites, dedicated IP is the best option.

MS SQL Dedicated Hosting

A database is a long-term memory that stores information for your Web pages including media files and other files in an organized manner. You can easily find it and extract it whenever you need. Database can be small and large, it can have a simple or complicated structure.

MS SQL is nearly the most popular type of database used on Windows servers. MS SQL perfectly fits the requirements of large enterprise databases. It is full featured and proves the best performance on Windows servers. It requires additional costs for licenses for use in commercial environment.

MS SQL is a more complex system in comparison to MySQL and it features extra requirements on disk storage and memory. MS SQL is well suitable for dedicated servers since such servers have enough of resources to place a large amount of files stored by MS SQL database. MS SQL might not be as fast as MySQL but it perfectly arranges large amounts files and data into a complex system. It is more preferable for large constantly growing Web projects.

MySQL Dedicated Hosting

MySQL is one of the fastest, popular and easy-to-use databases for numerous Web sites. Creating MySQL, the developers focused on speed and simplicity. For the sake of speed, they discarded a few features that other databases can offer. Although MySQL cannot offer you same features as its commercial competitors, you will find here everything you need to create a proper database and maintain your files in the best manner. MySQL is easy to install and use and one of its best advantages is a cheap price.

MySQL is supported by a Swedish company MySQL AB, and it features two types of licenses: General Public and Commercial license. You can use MySQL database for your Web site for free. You don’t need to pay for commercial license unless you are using MySQL as a part of a new software product. MySQL runs on different operating systems including Linux, MySQL, Windows and others.

MySQL dedicated hosting is a service that enables the development of large and recourse-consuming Web sites that use MySQL for long-term data storage. Choose MySQL dedicated server if you want to develop your Web project using the MySQL open source database.

Cpanel Hosting

cPanel is a control panel with a graphical interface that features the utilities and tools to help you manage your account and web sites fast and easy. cPanel can run on any server be it Windows, Linux or any other. cPanel has a wide range of features that give you as much control over your hosting as possible. cPanel allows you to check site statistics including the number of visitors, time and many other information, it allows you to administer e-mail accounts, web space, cgi-bin and directories.

Choose cPanel Hosting if you administer your database and web site using this graphically rich and user-friendly control panel. Hosting companies include cPanel into hosting packages or you can order it extra.