Cheap Linux Dedicated Hosting Reviews

In the industry of hosting services there are two main types of servers that you can choose to place your web site: Linux and Windows. These servers have a range of own unique features, advantages and disadvantages.
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It’s not easy to say which one is better; however, you should choose a server according to the programming language of your web site. Even though the most personal web sites are developed with FrontPage – Microsoft product, they can be easily hosted on Linux server if it has FrontPage Extensions installed.

Microsoft Frontpage is a popular HTML editor and a tool for administering web sites developed by Microsoft for the Windows line of operating systems. However, even if your website is created with FrontPage, it can also run on Linux server and you will save much of your budget.
Linux server hosting provides very high reliability and up-time. Linux servers under high load perform much better than Windows. Linux code is open and Linux prospers thanks to many programmers working on a voluntary basis.

Windows as well as Linux, is also the product created by many programmers. But those programmers are employed to do the work and they receive money for it. This is the main difference between Linux and Windows and it explains the price policy on the hosting market.
Linux dedicated hosting service is far more affordable than Windows dedicated hosting. There is a wide range of reasons to choose Linux unless you are not planning to work with .NET or Visual Basic. These two programming languages cannot be supported by Linux.

Linux Dedicated Server – When You Need It

Opt for Linux dedicated hosting in case your project requires the maximum performance, security, compatibility and bandwidth. If you are planning to expand your web-site, Linux dedicated server is the best and the most affordable option.

While Windows dedicated or even shared hosting is quite expensive, Linux is an absolutely open source operating system that saves your money and time. It is one of the best and most affordable ways to host your website.

Linux is simple and inexpensive in management, maintenance and operating. Unlike Windows, Linux does not charge for license and you can download any Linux application absolutely for free. Having a dedicated server you obtain a complete control and you can install any applications whenever you want. You will not have to share with anybody a disk storage, memory and CPU cycles. Linux dedicated server is completely safe and secure and you can access it anytime. You will secure yourself from bad neighbouring and essentially boost your site performance.

If you choose unmanaged Linux hosting packages, you will need time and knowledge to manage your server all by yourself while the company will manage only server’s hardware. From the very beginning Linux network operating system was developed to maintain large amounts of network traffic and process the requests of millions of users at the same time and that’s while having the system safe and secure. Linux proved to be a stable platform and it can process millions of user requests simultaneously.

PHP Hosting with Linux Dedicated Server

PHP has been developed by the supporters of an open code and the majority were grouped around Linux. Quickly enough, PHP became popular and famous for its speed, free availability and capacity. Add it to a considerable number of PHP scenarios (the majority is distributed free of charge), thoughtful information on every question about PHP and you will understand why more and more users choose PHP.

Now PHP is supported by the majority of server providers and is among leading programming languages applied to creation of dynamic web sites. PHP is a sever side language that can run on Linux and Windows servers. Linux, Apache, PHP and MySql represent widely known and perfectly working combination. Fortunately, PHP is also supported by Windows-IIS (Internet Information Services), and it means that PHP scenarios will work on a Windows server.

Thanks to simplicity, performance speed, rich functionality and distribution of initial codes on the basis of PHP license, PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages (along with JSP, Perl and the languages used in ASP.NET). Since PHP features a wide selection of means for development of web applications, its popularity in a field of web sites construction was considerably boosted over the last years. PHP interacts with a large number of various data base control systems including MySQL.

MySQL Dedicated Hosting

Before you start a detailed research on MySQL hosting, you should comprehend what MySQL actually is. Explaining to a simple language, it is an open sourse database reference that enables a universal management of text and multimedia content, access keys and registration data storage.

Today MySQL technology is developed to the stage where it can easily manage large databases where it is necessary to differentiate access, conduct fast search, maintain the possibility of scaling and protecting data from erroneous change.

PHP and MySQL technologies support the majority of hosting providers as they are compatible with almost all operating systems, they are easy in installation, adjustment, operation and possess wide functionality. Moreover, hosting PHP and MySQL on Linux operating systems is the cheapest kind of hosting.

For comparison, the hosting with support of technologies ASP, SQL under control of Windows operating system costs 50 % – 70 % more expensive and possesses smaller reliability because of the significant instability of Windows performance. However, Windows continues to develop and advance the solutions and is highly successful in this terms.

CPanel Dedicated Linux Hosting

Cpanel is the market-leading control panel that helps you manage your websites. Irrespective of whether you have a business or a personal website, cPanel will deliver you many benefits in terms of control, design simplicity and site management.

cPanel is developed and distributed by cPanel Inc. Unlike other control panels, cPanel manages other program packages separated from operating system, automatically updates Apache, PHP, MySQL and other programs with a connection to it. This guarantees that the software will always be of the latest version and will be compatible to cPanel. cPanel works on Linux and you can get it for free. cPanel saves your money since it helps you in managing your hosting, therefore you can always get the price down by getting unmanaged hosting packages.

Unlimited Dedicated Linux Hosting

Buying unlimited dedicated hosting plan you can get one or several free domains, unlimited disc space, unlimited number of e-mail addresses, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of domains that you can host. The number of MySQL databases will also considerably influence on the prize.

Linux has a range of considerable benefits. Linux is available anytime, it is free. Linux is easy and affordable to manage, maintain and operate. Unlike other operating systems, Linux does not charge for license, you can access it freely anytime and a range of updates will be always ready and you can easily download them.

Cheap Managed Hosting Packages

In case you have a restricted budget you must definitely prefer Linux hosting over Windows. As an open source, Linux will considerably save your budget and provide with a wide range of benefits. Opting for managed hosting you will save the trouble and time, a team of professionals will take care of your websites and bear the responsibility for its performance.

You can always find cheap managed hosting packages. Different packages include different options. Buy a package depending on your project goals. You can choose among start packages, professional packages, enterprise packages and some other. Start packages is the best choice if you are a newbie in hosting industry while professional packages will provide you with unlimited databases, discspace and bandwidth.

If you opt for unlimited number of MySQL databases, that will boost the price. But of course here you must consider the aim of your project. If you have a large project with a huge number of websites, you will need to use unlimited MySQL. However, if you have a small business, you can pay only for a restricted number.

Unmanaged Hosting Plans

Unmanaged hosting package is a great choice if you have knowledge and time to manage it yourself. Having an unmanaged dedicated server you have the total control over it and the total responsibility over the performance of your website. Of course you will get the whole set of tools that will help you in managing your project.

Having an unmanaged dedicated server means total safety and security. You can access the server and make new settings whenever you need. Unmanaged server is far less expensive if compare with managed hosting package.

However you should remember time is money and if you have no time to spend on your dedicated server maintenance, you should reconsider your decision about unmanaged hosting plans. Or you can hire someone who will manage your server for you. But in this case there are no obvious reasons not to opt for managed packages.
Having an unmanaged dedicated hosting package, you will be able to implement any changes to your web-server, you can install or uninstall software, you can experiment and constantly improve your project.