What Configuration for Dedicated Server Do I Need?

How Dedicated Servers Work?

Dedicated Servers are the best offer you can get at the hosting market. These are separate servers working all for you. Dedicated Packages are suitable for big projects that work with many users. Also, if you have many accounts registered at your site, it is better to purchase a Dedicated Server that can process the necessary data faster.

There are several important points you have to consider while choosing a Dedicated Server. Probably the most critical features are Operating System, CPanel and Management Type. These points will predetermine the functioning of your server and the extent of your control over it. You can find both cheap dedicated servers and some more expensive options. In fact, it is better to consult your web master before choosing a certain Dedicated Server Package.

Key Features of Dedicated Hosting

Normally, a Dedicated Server has standard technical specifications. These include disk space, bandwidth, processor productivity, and RAM. Apart from technical features, you can also get many additional server elements. For instance, this can be server software (like Apache or Microsoft IIS), a control panel and a database server (MySQL or MS SQL).

Taking into consideration the high class of dedicated servers, you will get a lot of additional options. Usually these also include mail server, FTP server, DNS server and SSH server. Web development technologies are also included into Dedicated Hosting Packages. Depending on the demands, you can choose, for instance, PHP, Perl, or MS SQL.

How to Choose the Operating System and Database Server?

How to Choose the Operating System and Database Server?

One of the most important steps on your way to purchasing a Dedicated Server is choosing the operating system. Here web host companies usually suggest two options. These are Windows and Linux, of course. Both systems are quite safe and have many advantages. However, there are many different points (like database format compatibility) that will seriously influence your web site in future.

One of the principal advantages of Windows servers is their database format — MS SQL. This format is supposed to be better for big databases. Obviously, big databases are normally hosted on Dedicated Servers. Thus, Windows Server OS is a good option for dedicated packages.

Linux OS can offer, on the contrary, exclusive flexibility and lower price. Many web masters also claim that Linux is a more reliable platform, but this is a disputable statement. All-in-all, we would recommend you to consult a web master before purchasing Dedicated Hosting. In most cases, you will be recommended to keep on working with the OS you had before.

Managed or Unmanaged Server — What to Choose?

Many web host companies suggest you to choose a Managed or an Unmanaged Dedicated Server. Managed Hosting will cost more, but save a lot of your time. On the other hand, Unmanaged Hosting allows to apply finer settings to your server, which is impossible with Managed offers. All-in-all, if you have enough money and your project needs no exclusive solutions, you can order a Managed Dedicated Server, and it will serve you well.

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