Top Dedicated Hosting Plans

Dedicated servers, or dedicated hosting services, usually involve managed dedicated servers that already account for the software, hardware, and maintenance of the server itself. Below, we list some of the management service features individuals or businesses can avail of when they opt to rent a managed dedicated server.

Managed Dedicated Hosting Plans

Usually, dedicated hosting providers have full-time system admin that can oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the dedicated servers. Additionally, these system admin are well-versed in the troubleshooting aspect of server maintenance, knowledge that won’t necessarily be present in in-house IT admin.

Dedicated Hosting Tech Support

Technical support is a must for a managed dedicated server, especially for outfits without the resources to handle their own technology-related stuff. This is especially useful for stuff like server migration, application deployment, and troubleshooting.

Dedicated Hosting Software Updates & Data Protection

Since the servers and essentially the software are all owned by the provider, updating this software falls on the provider’s shoulders. Whether it’s content management software or specific applications used by the web site, the provider itself can implement the updates, saving clients the hassle of updating the software themselves. Software updates can also cover updates for the respective operating system used within the server.

Since a wide variety of sensitive data are stored in these dedicated servers, it is important to keep them protected at all costs—whether it’s for personal protection or protecting the interests of your business. This is why dedicated server providers offer data protection in the form of firewalls and a host of antivirus programs, as well as constant security scans. These programs also help counteract spamming, as in a blog’s comment section.

MySQL Database Management with Dedicated Hosting

Many businesses resort to dedicated servers because of the sheer amount of information needed to be stored. This includes the quantity of entries for databases. Dedicated server providers may offer the option for database management, which entails the use of computer programs made specifically for the creation and management of databases. Maintaining databases is also part of this package. There are even dedicated servers that specifically only handle databases and the related programs needed for the database system.

Those are just some of the primary services one can avail when renting managed dedicated servers. With all the extras offered by dedicated server providers, clients can really save a lot of time and money, as well as the resources and manpower needed for this specialized field. With dedicated servers becoming more and more in demand, there’s always a need for high-quality and reliable managed dedicated server providers.

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