Cheap Dedicated Server Plans to Switch

There are several advantages to getting a dedicated server for your website. But of course, there are several challenges to making that switch. Chief of them would be the cost involved in getting the service. The service can easily cost you from $100 to $500 a month depending on the service that you select. But even so, once you compare the cost to the benefits that you’ll get, it’s often a good idea to switch your site over to a dedicated server.

When You Need Dedicated Hosting

As your site grows in popularity, its bandwidth needs also increases. Especially if you offer your visitors lots of services that is bandwidth-intensive, such as online streaming, file downloads, and database search, increasing your site’s bandwidth capacity is essential. If you get a dedicated server, you get a range of 600 GB to 1500 GB of data transfer rate a month. That should be sufficient for your site’s purposes.

Unlimited Dedicated Hosting Plans for Affordable Price

Related to bandwidth is disk space. You would also get a range of 60 to 150 GB of storage space when you get a dedicated server. Most sites don’t need that much disk space, but as mentioned, if you do a lot of file hosting whether for downloads or streaming, the numbers can add up easily.

Room for expansion is also another reason why you should switch to a dedicated server. Should you decide to create additional sites, dedicated servers allow for the creation of additional domains. If you already own several sites, then getting a dedicated server would be the next logical step for you. Aside from that, you can also use your own dedicated server as a hosting platform for other sites. You can run a hosting service of your own. This can be another source of revenue for you if you have ample of unused disk and bandwidth left over in your subscription plan.

Dedicated Server Hosting Data Protection

Reliability and support are also reasons why you should make the switch. Dedicated servers have almost perfect uptime rates, which means your site would be always up most of the times. Management of the hardware and network resources would also be left to the provider, which frees you up from maintenance costs and admin duties. Aside from that, you can be sure that the admin and support staff have the expertise in network and information technology. You can also use the provider’s expertise in implementing new services in your sites. Dedicated servers also have good backup systems in place so you can rest assured that your data is safe. This is all the more important if you keep important customer and sales information in your website.

Choose Cost Effective Dedicated Hosting Plans

These are the reasons why making the switch over to dedicated servers is a good idea. But as mentioned above, it would still depend on the cost-revenue ratio. But in most cases, making the switch leads to more revenue for your site. With increased capacity, added services, and a more streamlined site, your customers are more apt to visit and frequent your site. Once this happens, you increase the chances of generating additional revenue for your site.

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