Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

We would like to offer you top rated hosting companies that offer inexpensive dedicated server hosting services. All listed companies provide efficient customer support. Besides you are always welcome to discuss custom options for your servers. The ranking is based on our personal experience with the company, feedback on webmaster forums and hosting plan analysis.
Rank Provider Price Disk Space Bandwidth Domain Review Sign Up
1 InMotion
$199.95 160GB 2.5TB FREE Review Sign Up
2 1and1
$59.99 250GB Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up
£49 500GB Unlimited 2.69 Review Sign Up
$48 100GB Unlimited $9.45 Review Sign Up
5 Arvixe Hosting
$105 250GB 5TB $9.95 Review Sign Up

Of course, dedicated hosting sounds much better than shared hosting. However, it is also more expensive. Thus, the most important thing is to decide whether you really need dedicated hosting for your business project. To share the servers and system recourses is another way to make your web hosting plan more affordable but not sufficient enough to meet all the requirements of large companies.

With dedicated server hosting you will have a single server to provide high quality service for large websites. With such type of hosting you have access to all of the controls and tools, can receive routing equipment, network monitoring, as well as enough space and bandwidth your company needs.

Top Cheap Dedicated Hosting Server

The total administrative control over all the hardware is what you can be looking for choosing the type of web hosting to get. No other websites to share the server with, no slow bandwidth or security problems. Such obvious advantage of dedicated hosting allows you to control and maintain the server remotely as well as upgrade whenever you need to.

We offer you to find the best dedicated server hosting solutions for appropriate price. High quality is a mix of good reputation, professional staff members as well as vast experience in such projects. Read our reviews of the best dedicated hosting companies with all the features explained and all the recommendations made.

How to Choose Dedicated Server Host

With plenty of issues to consider while choosing the most trustworthy dedicated hosting provider we offer you to check the most important according to other customer’s opinions. The first thing we are looking for is reliable and secure web hosting. Lear more reading our reviews as well as opinions of other people. Twitter and various forums can help you a lot to find out more about the company you want to host your website with.

However, you should note that there is no best hosting for everyone. There is best hosting for you. For your needs and requirements. Some people can be satisfied with the web hosting plan they have one day and complain about it the other afternoon. In this case, we offer you to check whether web hosting provider you definitely like has well-known companies among its clients. Find at least one or two well-known brands to make sure you are on the right track to find the best dedicated server for you.

Professional and friendly customer support available 24/7 is another thing to pay attention to while making a decision. Most people suppose that it is even the most important thing to consider. With reliable Chat or Phone support you will solve some problems easier in the future or avoid them at all.

Platform Options

PHP, Java, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails… There is no best language. A language is only what you make of it. With such motto most dedicated hosting companies provide you with various hosting plans that are available for various platforms and frameworks.

Gmail is written in Java. Twitter is written in Ruby. Wikipedia is written in PHP. You just need to decide which works for you the best and look for dedicated server package recommended for such platform options.

Country Options

Geographic reach is the other option on your list. If you target UK customers or your website administrator is located in the UK, you should look for UK hosting companies. The same thing is if you want to expand your business in Germany or France. All these because hosting providers from particular countries have some customer-tailored services that are unique for particular country e-markets. Internet users of those countries also get used to the country-specific infrastructure and have their own tastes to please.

If you intend to expand and enter foreign market, you need to find out whether the hosting company you choose has rendered a global hosting service. If not, you also can ask whether this web hosting provider has ever host websites for foreign clients of the country you may target in the nearest future. In this case USA web hosting can be the best solution for you, because it is more affordable.

Pricing Options

Affordable, but not cheap. Avoid “too”. Too cheap prices often mean poor quality or just extra bonus features that are useless. On the whole, hosting fees are quite small. So, avoid saving penny choosing the most important thing for your website project. It is better to choose once and be satisfied with the options, bandwidth and quality of services provided than transfer from one to another web host all the time.

Of course, dedicated hosting is not so cheap if compare with shared or cloud hosting. However, you can look for a large web hosting companies that offer you cheap hosting as an extra bonus when you purchase something else for a larger amount.

User Reviews

Browsing the Web for reliable web hosting you can find user reviews. Some of them fake while others help you to make the right decision. Some sites offer you special information table where you can compare dedicated hosting, virtual hosting, etc. as well as to read the reviews of other users. You also can make your own thread visiting some forum (for example, and ask all the questions you are interested in.

Most Popular Choices

Twitter is another tool to find out more about web hosting provider you are interested in. Just type in its name in search box and add 🙁 to find out more about its worth sides. What is more, they are people who talking and you also can see their profiles to decide whether this source is trustworthy or not. And of course, if the same problem mentioned several times by different people, such web host has enough room for improvement.

Windows Dedicated Server

Windows platform is one of the most secure and easy-to-use. With its help you can design, create and develop your web hosing applications easily. Windows dedicated servers can be a finding for those who want to use ASP.NET or some Windows oriented technologies such as Sharepoint, for example. Microsoft Front Page is a popular web design program that also makes this type of hosting rather attractive. Windows server can also integrate the data collected from an Access database without problems.

The other features to pay attention to while choose the best Windows dedicated hosting plan is multiple domains, unlimited email, free back up email server, disc space, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL database, OS commerce shopping cart, access to websites domain without www, free website templates and many more others.

Linux Dedicated Server

The main advantage of Linux is that it is freely distributable and can run various hardware including Intel, Silicon Graphics workstation, PowerPCs, Digital Alpha computers or AMD CPUs. Choosing between Windows and Linux web hosting you should consider the functions and programming languages that will be necessary for your website. If you prefer PHP, Linux dedicated server will be the best solution.

Most Linux web hosts offer you various free tools and applications that are written for Linux community. With a wide range of tutorials and sample scripts of PHP and PERL available on the Internet, Linux dedicated hosting plan can make your life easier. What is more, such type of dedicated hosting is quite cost effective and cheaper than Windows hosting.

Managed Dedicated Server

Choosing between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting take into consideration your skills as well as time available to maintain the server yourself. It may seem quite easy, but a lot of responsibility on your part especially when you can’t deal with everything can spoil the whole project.

Managed hosting allows you to rent an entire server that is not shared with anyone when the hosting company manages the server for you. Different web hosting companies offer you different management. Thus, you can choose managed hosting company that does everything for you but charge a high fee for this. You also can find a host that does a minimal amount of work (for example, daily backups or applying security). Usually, the more you get, the more you pay. However, there are exceptions from this rule. Here is a list of managed services you can take advantage of choosing this type of dedicated hosting:

  • 24/7/365 Live, On-Site Technical Support
  • Server Load Balancing and Clustering Services
  • Ping Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Systems Administration Services
  • On-Demand Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing Service
  • Server Configuration Services
  • Server Provisioning Services
  • O/S Updates & Patches
  • Managed Firewall
  • Complete Support for all Hardware with spares on site
  • Managed Server Backup & Recovery
  • Server Anti-Virus Protection
  • Network Monitoring
  • System Utilization Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring
  • Weekly Tape Rotation and Secure, Off-Site Data Storage
  • Load/Stress Testing
  • Application Performance Analysis and Review
  • Network Based Intrusion Detection
  • O/S Hardening Services

Cpanel Dedicated Server

CPanel is considered to be the most popular control panel. Being rather popular among the users for its useful features and user-friendliness, CPanel is offered by most dedicated server hosts. It is fast and also includes Fantastico.

With this add-on you can install about 48 scripts within several clicks. Various management tools, guestbook, forums, blogs, Wikis, polls, shopping carts, mailing lists, picture galleries, etc. With Fantastico you can install all these scripts in no time. Cpanel allows to manage your website, MSQL databases, emails as well as install some other scripts easily.

Dedicated Hosting Server Reviews

Check whether dedicated hosting package you choose provides you with a wide range of services. It is better to work with one hosting company than to purchase small different contracts from different providers. Save your costs choosing the most reliable dedicated web host with the best hosting plan for your constantly improving business.

You also should look for hosting plan that allows you to expand the features in case it is necessary. Of course, you can choose the full package at the beginning, but still it is better to try things before decide whether you really need them. Anyway, to change for better plan is easier and require no extra cost with some hosts.

Experts Independent Reviews

We also offer you to read our comprehensive web hosting reviews made by experts in this field. Lean more about every option offered by web hosting companies today to find out whether you really need them all for your successful business. We need advice and more information to make our own opinion, but still we need some experience to prove theory. So, why not make your decisions relying on experience of professionals who knows which things to pay attention to.

End User Reviews

As we have already mentioned above, there is no one opinion about the best web hosting plan. Of course, there are some well-known and popular web hosting companies that try to establish a good reputation in the industry, but even they have some negative reviews as well. Thus, the reviews of other users can be quite useful, but not the only thing you should look for while choosing the most trustworthy and professional web hosting provider.

Forum Discussions

We may say that the best web hosting is the company no one is talking about. No complaints mean great service. However, with the era of internet marketing every decent company has enough references on the Web especially on forums. People can give a piece of advice what is good and what you should avoid. Feel free to visit some forum and ask the questions concerning dedicated web hosting that are interested just for you. On the other hand, all the most usual questions have already been discussed. Just find such threads in forum discussion and they help you to make your choice easier.