Choose Control Panel to Manage Dedicated Server

Switching over to a dedicated server won’t be much of a good if you don’t have the right control panel to go along with it. A control panel allows you to manage your site and server effectively. It gives you the needed control and access over the functions of the server and your site as an administrator. In concrete terms, a control panel allows you to create new domains, customer accounts, services, and security policies for your site/s. You can also get crucial performance statistics such as bandwidth, visitor information, conversion, and hardware specifications from a control panel. Having all of that information and functions in one location allows you the power to properly manage your server.

Because of this, it is essential that you choose a control panel that best suits your needs and level of knowledge. Control panels range from the simple and intuitive, to the complex and esoteric. As such, you need to select one that matches your level.

Cpanel Dedicated Server Hosting

Whatever the level, one feature that will sure be appreciated is ease of use. A control panel with a good GUI is preferable since it’s easier to manage as compared to having to remember and enter shell commands. Some control panels, notably cPanel, allows you to do site management functions in just a few clicks. An intuitive control panel also decreases the learning curve which means you will spend less time learning the software and more in actually maintaining your site.

Dedicated Hosting Platform

Another important consideration is platform compatability. Your control panel choice would also depend on your server operating system. This is because some control panels work only with a Windows or Linux environment. But then, there are some control panels that are compatible with all platforms. If you prefer flexibility, then these types would be good to try. But if you’re pretty much decided on a platform to use, then choosing one that’s designed specifically with that platform would be a better choice.

Dedicated Server Hosting Programming

The number of features and functions that you can control is also essential in your control panel selection. You should be able to control email servers, databases, FTP access, security accounts, and other site content from the control panel. It’s also best to get one that can provide automated install of other functions. For example, cPanel’s Fantastico allows you to install CMS applications like Joomla and WordPress easily. Should you want to add blogs or forums to your site, having that in your control panel would make it easy to accomplish.

Performance is another feature that a control panel must have. Speed and stability are crucial elements to look for in any software. This is especially true if your site requires constant updating and real-time updates.

Usually, control panel choice is left to the dedicated server provider. But should you be given the chance of selecting your own control panel, then these are the points to consider. Some of the big names that you can look at are cPanel, Plesk, and H-Sphere. These are noted for their ease of use,their wide list of functions, and good user feedback. So, if you’re stuck at what to select, then you can try one of them for starters.

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