Reliable Dedicated Hosting Plans with Good Uptime

As you rely more on more on your website for revenue, your web server’s reliability becomes all the more essential. Aside from the need for additional storage space and larger bandwidth, another important quality that you should look for in a dedicated server is reliability. Your site should be up all of the time, and should there be downtimes, these should be kept to the barest minimum. If not, this results to loss of traffic and possible online revenue. Even if your site is not entirely reliant on e-commerce, maintaining constant access to mission-critical applications and services is important to ensure smooth business operations.

99.9% Uptime with Dedicated Server

The magic number to look for is 99.5% uptime. Anything less would be asking for something below industry standards. If you saw a 99% guarantee on the uptime, you should not be impressed.

The good thing is that most major dedicated servers do better than 99.5%. In most cases, servers are up 100% of the time. This is as expected since more and more website owners are looking at reliability for their webserver selection criteria. Aside from that, dedicated server providers also rely on reputation and recommendation for new clients. Good dedicated server hosts make it a priority to keep their servers and network up all of the time.

100% Uptime – True or False?

There are cases where this 99.5% number is just marketing fluff. One way to ensure that you’ll get what’s advertised is to look for a guarantee in the terms of service or TOS. Good dedicated server hosts would have no problems indicating this in the service contract. Companies that also have confidence in their services also provide refunds or credits should the downtime exceeds the maximum that they specify. Finding these in the TOS would make the companies obligated to provide their promised uptimes.

But that is not all. There are occasions where things just look good on paper but not in the real world. You can search the web for customer comments about a particular server host and check for positive and negative feedback. Since they’ve been there and done that with that particular host provider, their feedback carry considerable weight. Connected with this, a good hosting company would also be happy to refer you to their list of satisfied clientele for reference. But be sure to weigh in the good and the bad; a couple of good or bad experiences is not enough to give you the whole picture.

Best Dedicated Hosting Packages with Necessary Uptime

But seeing 99.5 is not enough; you also need to be certain whether that refers to the hardware, network, or both. This is because the hardware or the server physically might be fine, but it’s not connected to the net. You also need to verify whether the downtime standards set in the TOS includes routine maintenance. As we all know routine maintenance is unavoidable; the next thing to know is how long is their allowance for the downtime and what they will do if they can’t make the deadline.

A site that’s down is tantamount to having no site at all. An almost impeccable uptime is essential for your revenue and your business operation. This is why going for a dedicated host provider that can guarantee that reliability should be one of your primary criteria for your web host selection.

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