Dedicated Hosting Company Reviews

As the demand for more and more internet space and bandwidth continues to increase, both individuals and businesses are turning more and more to dedicated servers to fulfill their internet hosting needs.

Also known as a dedicated hosting service or a managed hosting service, dedicate servers provide the client with flexibility in terms of space, the amount of bandwidth, as well as control over a variety of elements used within the server. These elements include the kind of hardware used in the server and even what operating system is to be used for it.

Dedicated Hosting for Your Business

Most people are probably aware of the term “dedicated server” from their experience playing multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike. Those dedicated game servers are essentially a computer unit that hosts the game for the other players in a network.

This is more efficient because that single computer isn’t actually running the game, allowing more processing power to be used to receive and redistribute data into the other computers. This also saves one player the hassle of hosting the game, which means he or she will not have to with a slower computer.

That same principle also works for internet hosting. Instead of utilizing one’s own space and hardware to host a web site or a network of web sites, having dedicated hosting servers allow site owners to house their site on a dedicated platform that can handle high amounts of bandwidth and data storage.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Since the owners of the server provide hosting as a service, they also have dedicated resources to handle the hardware. This includes data centers with emergency power systems and ample HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) support for the sensitive hardware. This minimizes or even eliminates the risk of downtime for the web sites hosted on the servers.

Lastly, compared to shared hosting, dedicated servers allow site owners full control over the server—from the setup to implementation. As a bonus, some hosting services also provide technical support and software updates as well as security such as antivirus and firewall programs for the benefit of the client.

Dedicated servers indeed offer a wide range of benefits for site owners, whether they are individuals or businesses. Those looking to have secure and optimized web hosting would do well to look into renting a dedicated server.

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