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Selecting a dedicated server host can be a complicated process. With all the services being offered by different companies, it can be confusing which one is the best for your site. Here, we outline some of the things that you should consider in selecting a dedicated server provider. By keeping these in mind, you can come up with a shortlist for your provider selection. These are presented in random order, priority would be left to the particular needs of your site.

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Guaranteed uptime should be one of your top requirements. The industry standard now is 99.5%. Meaning, the server provider should be able to guarantee you that their server would be up and connected 99.5% of the time. This guarantee should also be backed up by a refund policy that can be seen in the service agreement.

Sufficient bandwidth and disk space should also be another of your priority. There is no set figure here that you should look for since the amount you need would be dependent on the content of your site and the number of visitors. The services that you provide should also be one of your criteria in selecting disk and bandwidth amount. For example, if you host a lot of video files and also has a download server, then the number of disk space and bandwidth that you require should be enough to handle to load.

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An easy to use control panel is also a must. It would be better if you can get screenshots or a sample of the control panel that a server provider gives out to clients. The control panel should be easy to understand and use. By selecting an intuitive control panel, you would have an easier time managing your site and spend less time on learning the software.

Support for different online applications and platforms should also be a consideration. The server should have support for web publishing integration should you want to add a blog or a forum to your site. Different programming language support such as PHP, Perl and MySQL should also be included in the service that the company provides. This would make it easier for you when you choose to expand your services or add more customized content based on your needs.

Efficient support staff should always be a requirement. The support staff should be easy to reach and quick to respond to your questions or issues. The less time you spend waiting for support, the better. The tech support team should also be able to fix problems quickly.

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Next would be reputation. Some services may sound good on paper, but reality is still the best test. Feedback from existing and past customers is a good standard to measure a company’s reliability and quality of service.

These are just general guidelines to look at when selecting your dedicated server provider. These are just barely scratching the surface, but it’s a good headstart to get you in the right direction. By keeping these in mind, you can easily weed out less credible companies and help you select the right provider for your site.

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