Dedicated Server Back Up System

Redundancy in simple terms is a backup system. It’s part of data protection and crisis precaution. Even personal computers must have a data backup system; more so for network servers. Of course, you should also look for redundancy in your dedicated server of choice. The good thing is redundancy is taken cared of by all credible dedicated server providers. What you need to do as a possible client is to get familiar with the common redundancy strategies being offered and select one that meets your business needs.

Dedicated Server Database Safety

At the basic, the server should have a RAID system installed. There are several RAID configurations available depending on the number of drives that a server uses. In simple terms, RAID is the use of several hard drives where the other drives are used as backup or redundancy storage.

Dedicated Hosting Mirror Server

But having RAID is not enough. This is because if the server itself fails, no matter how well data has been backed up, these won’t be available if the server is down. Though the case of this happening is slim, it is for these remote possibilities that you install a redundancy system. For this, having a mirror server becomes essential. A mirror sever is just like RAID, only at the server level. So even if the main server went down, hosting responsibilities would just be switched over to the mirror server thus preventing downtime for your site.

Dedicated Hosting Redundancy System

Aside from a mirror server setup, there is also a cluster setup. This system involves dividing and allocating different server functions into several servers. For example, you would have one server for POP, another server for downloads, and a different server for database, and so on. By dividing these functions, if one server goes down, only a part of the website is down, not crippling the whole site itself. Though there would be downtime on one or more services, the site and its other functions would still be available to online visitors and customers.

The redundancy system that might be provided to you can be one or a combination of these redundancy systems. Of course, the more complex and sophisticated the backup system gets, the more the price for the service goes up. Data protection and uptime assurance does have its costs, and they’re not miniscule.

Cheap Dedicated Hosting with Data Security

Selecting the best system for your website would depend on the needs of your site and your budget. If you have a site that has heavy traffic, process online transactions, and have mission-critical functions that must be accessed at all times, then having the best redundancy system is advisable. Of course, this would be relative to the amount of revenue that your site is bringing in.

Dedicated servers should provide you more than just increased traffic and bandwidth capacity. Data security is also an essential feature that you should look for in a dedicated server provider. In this digital age, information is almost the same as revenue. And since your site works on that principle, it is but natural that you protect your site with a solid and reliable redundancy system.

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