cPanel Web Hosting

For those that selected a managed dedicated server, the next important choice is what control panel to select. A control panel is a GUI or icon-based interface that allows you to control the different aspects and functions of your website.
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Best Dedicated Servers with cPanel

In general, what you would want in a control panel is ease of use, intuitive operation, and effective site administration. With all the control panels available in the market, cPanel is one of the names that stands out since it meets those criteria effectively.

Best SHARED Hosting with cPanel

cPanel is an interface designed specifically for website administrators and owners. The selling point for cPanel is that you have almost all of the tools that you need for site administration in just one application.

Aside from that, setting up services and additional functions can be done in a few clicks and filling up a few forms. These features make it easy for programmers and non-programmers to customize and build-up their website the way that they like.

cPanel Blog Hosting

Regarding the functions that you can setup blogs, shopping carts, and forums in just a few clicks. With the Fantastico feature, you can also easily install plugins such as WordPress and Joomla to have your own CMS or content management system.

Related to installing functions, site developers can also easily integrate software modules and test their implementation through cPanel. This makes it easier to add new customized features to your site and fix bugs should they occur.

cPanel Email Hosting

Email hosting is also made easy. cPanel can support different protocols such as POP, IMAP, SMTP, and POP. It also supports SSL encryption. You can create and manage different domains and email servers through one control panel. You also get built-in spam blockers and filters with cPanel.

cPanel Statistics

Site statistics can also be gathered from cPanel. Information such as traffic, visitor location, and bandwidth utilization are all tracked by cPanel. You can see how each of your sites perform and further improve your site optimization plans.

For security, cPanel also has an anti-virus program that comes with the license. User access can also be controlled and pages of your sites can be password-protected for authorized access. In terms of data security, the backup feature of cPanel is also easy to use, so you can easily schedule data backups to keep your data safe.

Should things go wrong, support is available for free 24/7. According to customer feedback, the support is another of cPanel’s strong points. Tickets submitted by users are resolved in an efficient manner, usually within minutes.

Unlimited cPanel Hosting

Since we live in the international arena, multi-language support is an attractive feature for non-English website owners. cPanel supports several languages, such as Japanese, German, French, Chinese, and Hindi, among many others.

These are the reasons why cPanel is leading the pack when it comes to server control panels. Because of its rich functionality and ease of use, experts and beginners alike find cPanel a very attractive choice for a control panel.